6 Italian mayors against current migration and reception policy proposals by their national government.

From the Sea to the City welcomes the initiative of mayors Roberto Gualtieri (Rome), Beppe Sala (Milan), Gaetano Manfredi (Naples), Stefano Lo Russo (Turin), Matteo Lepore (Bologna) and Dario Nardella (Florence). Their stance against the political developments in the Italian national context is of utmost importance. They not only show solidarity with their cities‘ inhabitants, but also counter a disturbing drift towards a de-facto suspension of the Geneva Human Rights Convention by member States throughout Europe. We believe in the ability of mayors, as democratic representatives of their constituencies, and city governments, as state actors, to reverse this drift. We will continue to work with them and the International Alliance of Safe Harbours (IASH) on the proposal of an alternative migration system which is in consonance with Human Rights and International Law.

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