Solidarity Cities of Europe: online panel 1

Solidarity Cities of Europe – How can we work together on progressive migration policy?

While the EU and Europe’s national governments double down on migration deterrence at any cost, more and more cities across Europe are becoming the agents of change for a solidarity Europe, taking responsibility for protecting human lives. The first Demand of our initiative focuses on the need to create, for the first time, an efficient transnational network of cities, municipalities, EU representatives and the civil society, joining forces to make a change on European policy on migration. Such a network would increase visibility of welcoming municipalities at the EU level, encourage other cities to take action and build stronger alliances with civil society actors.

The first panel, under the title “Solidarity Cities of Europe – How can we work together on progressive migration policy?” brought together European mayors, cities representatives, and members of active civil society initiatives from all over Europe that are already working and advocating to open up opportunities for practical, open-minded solutions which place human rights at the center of the future migration politics.

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